You’re Never Too Old

by Keith Butler

“Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel” (Joshua 14:14 KJV).


It’s never too late to overcome any problem in your life. God has tremendous blessings for all those that follow Him. That includes the young, the old, and the in-between.

Some people grow old and set in their ways, but not all. There are some that can outrun a young man. There are some that are more innovative than you think. I met a 93-year-old man once when I was 17, starting out in the ministry. He was fitter than I was. He looked better than I did. He was more physically fit than I was.

The man had chiseled features. To top it off, he was anointed. He walked across South America preaching the gospel. I asked him how did you do it? He said, “I spend time with God seriously every day.” He was moving on with God.

That is the way Joshua and Caleb were. In the book of Joshua, we see that Joshua is the new leader. He and Caleb are now very old and it’s time to go into the promised land. I can imagine Caleb is walking along with Joshua, and seeing a huge mountain, and saying, “That’s the one I’m taking,” even in his old age. Joshua turns to him and says, “that’s a huge mountain.” Can you take this mountain? And Caleb says, “I am well able to overcome it.”

I don’t care how old you are or how big your mountain is. If you enter into the rest of God, you will find victory. The mountain may look forbidding but you can say what Caleb said. “I’m well able to overcome the mountain. I’m well able to get over the top of the mountain. I’m well able to speak to the mountain and tell it to move in Jesus’ name.”

The ones with the evil report died without ever seeing the promised land. Joshua and Caleb entered into the promised land. They had the rest of God. I don’t care how big your mountain is. God is bigger.

They used to say in the church that I came from, “He’s so high, you can’t go over Him. He’s so low you can’t go under Him. He’s so wide you can’t go around Him.” That’s the God you serve. But He’s looking for you to do what’s required to enter into His rest just as Jesus did.

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 4:8-16



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