You are Deeply Loved

Robert Rajamani

who gave Himself [as a sacrifice to atone] for our sins [to save and sanctify us] so that He might rescue us from this present evil [a]age, in accordance with the will and purpose and plan of our God and Father – Galatians 1:4 (AMP)

The fallen state of our being cannot be resolved by us, like a man drowning in the deep ocean cannot save himself, it’s impossible, he can try by swimming and holding on to some things to survive for a while, but eventually he will perish. He needs someone who is beyond the surrounding water. Like a person on a ship to pull him out and save him. We were in a fallen state perishing in our sins, and we could not save our self. God knew this and in His will, He purposed to do everything required to redeem us even if it cost Him, His own Son’s life.

The Father and the Son loved us so much that they were willing to pay the price to save and sanctify us. In this attempt to redeem us from this present evil age, He had to sacrifice His own life as an atonement for our sins and He did it willingly, because He deeply loved us. His love for us was so intense and deep that nothing could convince Him to not do it. As He said in Zechariah 2:8 we are like the apple of His eye. Also as Jesus said, I lay down my life for my sheep (John 10:15)

He not only rescued us from this present evil age, but He also sanctified and declared us righteous by Him. He does not see us as sinners, but as His own children in right standing with God, it’s not our doing, it’s His. He has a future for us and He has declared us as sons and daughters of God and we shall be like Him (1 John 3:2-3)

We, as born-again believers in Christ are no longer in our fallen state, but rescued and sanctified and declared righteous and are like Him as His sons and daughters. It’s not our works, we were in a helpless state, but it’s all His Love and Grace for us.

Be confident in His Love for you; for He Loves you deeply!


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