Wisdom from Above

by Robert Rajamani

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

The wisdom that comes from the Lord is different from the wisdom of the world. The world has a form of understanding and knowledge which operates and applies to the world’s way of living. The way of life which is unaware of the Kingdom of God and the ways of God. It’s a low form of life, living just in the natural, operating in a different realm of being (James 3:15).

The wisdom from God is from above (James 3:17) and helps us to operate on a realm above the realm of the world. It inspires our heart to understand the things of life from His perspective, from the perspective of the Kingdom of God. It’s a revelation from Him in our heart and Spirit to understand how He thinks and operate from what He knows and imparts in our heart.

The foundation for this wisdom to be birthed in our hearts is the fear of the Lord. It’s not the fear of being fearful of God, but the fear of being respectful of God. You consciously commit yourself to the awareness that you respect Him, you consider Him to be your first priority, you do not do anything without consulting Him, and your life revolves around Him. This form of lifestyle in which you have a personal relationship with Him and fear Him respectfully as your Father, is the foundation for your heart to be prepared to receive His wisdom. He imparts that wisdom into that heart of ours which is fearful towards Him. He gives divine revelations into our being. He reveals things we did not know or think about, which guides us through not only our everyday natural life, but also helps us to operate in the supernatural in His Kingdom.

The world does not have access to this form of wisdom, they are limited to the natural philosophies and natural understanding of the ways of life, but as Born Again children of God who possess the fear of the Lord in our hearts, we have access to this heavenly wisdom (James 3:17) which gives us an advantage over everything in life. Let us develop that fear of the Lord, the respect for the Lord so that the Spirit of God can impart that wisdom in to us.

Live a Supernatural Life in His Wisdom.

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