Pray For Rain

by Keith Butler

Zechariah 10:1
Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field. (KJV)

Prayer changes things. God does not move in the earth unless someone asked him. And He wants us to ask Him for rain. Now, He is not referring to water coming from the clouds. He is talking about the pouring out of His spirit upon men and women in the earth. And He said we have to ask Him for it in the time of the end. Well, whether you know it or not, we are at the time of the end.

You have to ask God for a pouring out in the end times. We don’t want just a drip here or there. We want showers, and a pouring out of rain, so much so that it becomes a flood. That is when you see miracles. That is when you see supernatural conversions. That is when you see people changed in ways that you wouldn’t otherwise believe.

Now you want to put this on your daily prayer list. He said ask of the Lord rain and the time of the latter rain. Because of it, the Lord will make bright clouds. That means the clouds will be the life and the glory of God. The glory of God will begin to fall on populations of people.

This is the kind of rain where we don’t want to get an umbrella. This is the kind of rain that we want to get out there and bask in. We want to get wet and drenched in this rain. We want the anointing and power of God to be so heavy upon us that when we move, the rain comes off of us, and it gets on somebody else and changes their lives supernaturally.

He said ask Him for that rain. This is not a suggestion; it is a commandment that God told the prophet Zechariah. We have the opportunity to see what we must do in the latter end. He will give us showers of rain and everyone is going to have grass in the field (Psalm 23). Everybody is going to have more than enough. We will be out there with the Shepherd and we shall not want. He will make us lie down in green grass. Green pastures are pastures of plenty, pastures of blessings.

When we begin to supplicate with the saints for the rain of the Holy Ghost to fall, it will release an explosion of prosperity. It will release the power of God to change things in your life and in the lives of others. You don’t need 19,000 people to do this. We are enough to cause lightening in the clouds, and cause the rain to fall. We are enough to cause God to move supernaturally and cause change to happen. But He said ask for the rain, because He can’t move unless we ask Him.

Scripture Reference: Luke 11:9-10

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