No Doubt About It: God is Real

Keith Butler

James 5:7
Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. (KJV)

What do you mean by, ‘God receives the rain?’ He is talking about receiving the results from the rain. When the Holy Ghost was poured out on the earth on the day of Pentecost, there was a harvest that swept the whole world. The gospel went around the entire globe. In fact, they said everywhere they went, these who have turned the world upside down have come here too. When the rain fell on the earth during the early times it turned the whole world upside down. And God said I receive that harvest, and that He did. But He wants to receive a larger harvest at the end, one that will turn the whole world on its ear. The whole world will say that the God they are talking about is real.

We don’t have to guess whether or not his name is Allah, Sun Yon Moon, or Krishna. There is only One who can perform like this. It is Jehovah they are talking about, Jesus his Son, and the reign of the Holy Ghost. Out talking people does not show them that God is real. Out smarting them doesn’t show them that God is real. They will know God is real because they see the results. When they see what the Lord has done in your life, they will know it couldn’t be done any other way than by supernatural power.

We must begin to pray for rain of the Holy Ghost now. He is willing; he wants to receive the results. He is waiting for you to hook up in the spirit. He is waiting for you to take some time away from the television set, time away from your friends. Time away from other things you want to do and take some time to pray and ask God for rain.

I want to show you another one. Acts chapter 4 is an example of the early rain and what began to happen when they began to pray. When the rain of God fell, it fell on that person in the insane asylum and put them instantly in their right mind.

In a time of rain when rain begins to fall, they may be in the very last stage of a disease and have only hours to live, and they wake up totally healed. At the time of rain the meanest saddest individual on the earth turns into the kindest person you’ve ever met. Poverty may grip a hold of people or a community but in the time of rain, God brings showers of prosperity. You want to have rain.

So ask God now for rain. Now is the end time, and now is the time to ask for the rain of God’s spirit upon all flesh.

Scripture Reference: Leviticus 10:1

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