Warnings and Admonitions from the Holy Spirit

Jerry Savelle

The Lord instructed me to share these steps with you. I believe they will help keep you stable in times of trouble:

1. Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church.

2. Set your house in order. Time is running out.

3. Realize the seriousness of the hour. There is no time left for “playing church.”

4. Stir yourself up spiritually, and rise above mediocrity. Arise from spiritual slumber and be about the Father’s business.

5. Establish new priorities. Put God first in everything you do. You must decrease so that He will increase. Get out of yourself and into God.

6. Go back to the basics and learn to worship God daily. Begin your day with Him. Learn to worship Him before you do anything else. End your day with Him – thanking and praising Him for allowing you to live in this hour when the world will see the manifestations of His power and glory.

7. Give His Word first place in your life and make it final authority in all the affairs of your life. Stir up the truths that you have heard and determine to stand on them, no matter what opposition comes your way.

8. Walk in love and avoid strife at all cost. Be a peacemaker.

9. Break away from the crowd. Dare to be different. Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold.

10. Keep your eyes on Jesus. People come and go, but Jesus will always be the same!

11. Be consumed with zeal for God. Do something to promote the Gospel everywhere you go.

12. Be a soul winner! He who wins souls is wise.

13. Give! Give! Give! Don’t ever stop giving!

14. Get out of debt. God wants you to be financially free! Determine that you will get control of your finances and get out of debt. Discipline your self and be diligent about it. Don’t waiver in this. Don’t over-extend yourself. God wants you free!

Remember this: The next few years will be the most important years of your life. Don’t waste them! You have the potential to be victorious in all that you set out to do. Put God first!

Additional Scripture: Josh. 24:15

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